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References to Popular Culture

  • When Stan is cast out of town and tied up on a horse with a bucket on his head is a reference to the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
  • The "Vote or Die!" song and video was inspired by Sean "Puffy" Combs political service campaign, Citizen Change, to encourage the youth to vote. He also had a 2004 tour supporting this cause called "Vote or Die" which had the slogans on t-shirts and bumper stickers.
  • When Cartman pedals the float, Stars and Stripes Forever can be heard.



  • The girls cheerleading at the assembly are still seen in the crowd:
    • When Bebe Stevens is a cheerleader in the assembly, you can see her booing in the crowd next to Wendy. In the close up of Cartman yawning, Bebe is replaced with a brown-haired boy.
  • When the candidates are revealed, Cartman is sitting high up in the hall and Kyle is seated in the centre. However, when Kyle is irritated by Cartman he looks downward.
  • At the end when Clyde Donovan realizes that the school can go back to using a cow for a mascot, he is standing in front of Bradley and Brimmy. On the following wide shot, though, both Bradley and the other kid can be seen, at the back, but Clyde has disappeared.
  • When Stan is found by PETA, after he is banished, they pour blood on him. However, in the next shot, the blood disappears.
  • When the crowd picks Stan up after it is announced that he is going to vote, the wound on his shoulder disappears, as does his mouth.
  • There are duplicate versions of Lizzy, Bradley Biggle, and Heidi Turner in the crowd of the assembly.

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