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Ms. Dotty Applegate first appears in the Season Eighteen episode, "Handicar", where she is the passenger that the Wacky Racers need to pick up and deliver to her destination.


In "Handicar", the competitors of the Wacky Races are assigned to pick up Ms. Applegate and drive her to her daughter's house. They must all follow the same route leaving South Park, navigating through Giggling Gulch on the final stretch to pick her up. The vehicle that successfully delivers her to the destination point at her daughter's house in Morrison wins the race. Throughout the race she is picked up and stolen by different racers trying to sabotage each other. The Handi Car eventually wins the race.

Ms. Applegate later appears in "PC Principal Final Justice", where she is seen with the other happy citizens at Jimbo's Guns. She is called "Mrs. Farnickle" by Jimbo while she buys a pistol. It is likely that the animators accidentally mistook Ms. Applegate's character model for Mrs. Farnickle who looks rather similar.

She makes a background appearance at Shady Acres in "Hummels & Heroin".

In "The Pandemic Special" she is seen crying because a family member has died from COVID-19. She also appears at the end of "South ParQ Vaccination Special among the elderly people who make their way back to Last Vista Life Care Center.


Dotty Applegate wears a dark blue sweater under a pink jacket with white buttons, beige pants and black shoes. She has combed white hair and gray eyebrows, a wrinkled face and two small gold earrings.


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