The Dorky Girl is a teenage girl who appears in the Season Six episode "Asspen".


The Dorky Girl is first seen after Stan Marsh loses a skiing match against Tad Mikowski. She tells Stan that she thinks it was really brave of him to race Tad, and invites him to a dance at the Aspen Youth Center. There, it is revealed that Tad's wealthy businessman father plans to bulldoze the youth center. The Dorky Girl then makes a deal with Tad that if Stan wins a rematch against him on the K-13, Tad's dad will not close the youth center. Later on, during a montage where Stan trains for the rematch, she is seen coaching him with a skiing manual. During the rematch, she distracts Tad by showing her breasts to him, enabling Stan to win. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that her breasts are actually two Kuatos from the movie Total Recall who say the line, "Quaid... start the reactor."


The Dorky Girl has red hair tied in pigtails and red eyebrows. She wears a pink hat with a purple puffball, a pink scarf, a dark blue jacket, purple mittens, purple pants, and yellow ski boots.


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