Cartman's Optomitrist.

Cartman's Optomitrist, whose real name is unknown, is an eye doctor in South Park who enjoys making fat jokes at Eric Cartman's expense. It is unknown if he does it solely to Cartman or if he does to everybody.


The Eye Doctor is old in appearance, wears a doctors coat and has grey hair and facial hair. He also wears a tie under his doctor's coat.


  • The Eye Doctor is the only eye doctor in South Park.
  • He produces incorrect results for Cartman, showing him any slides he deems funny. Despite Cartman's clear vision of all the slides, he says he still has something wrong with his eyes.
  • He asks Cartman for three dollars and fifty cents at the end of the episode, possibly hinting that he is in fact The Loch Ness Monster who, according to Thomas and Nellie McElroy, constantly ask them for "Tree fiddy", by which he means three dollars and fifty cents.
  • The Eye Doctor apparantly has enough skill to take out a person's eyes and replace them with anothers, as he does so Cartman and Kenny (the latter being dead).
  • The Eye Doctor being The Loch Ness Monster is plausible due Chef's Parent saying that The Loch Ness dressed as something different each time saw it, meaning it could very well have some shape - shifting abilities.
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