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Disneyland is a theme park located in Anaheim, California. It was featured in the Season Sixteen episodes "Raising the Bar" and "Obama Wins!".


Disneyland is the home of characters, such as Mickey Mouse and the Jonas Brothers. They feature rides and stage shows based on Disney films.

During a montage, Cartman is shown going to Disneyland on the weekends to make himself feel better about his supposed shame, for being so obese he requires a mobility scooter to get around. He accuses the other patrons of discrimination of overweight people and taunts a disabled boy without legs in Jungle Cruise line for not being overweight.

In "Obama Wins!", Disneyland is seen with many Star Wars-themed characters, such as stormtroopers, an AT-ST walker, and tie fighters. Cartman is brought, forcefully, to Disneyland to talk to Mickey Mouse. Mickey interrogates Cartman about the missing election ballots and tries to inform him about he merits of democracy.

Cartman relents, and continues to keep the location of the ballots a secret. Convinced that Eric's help can be potentially helpful, Mickey tries to bribe him with a light saber. Cartman again declines and requests, amongst other things, a role as Luke Skywalker's son in the next Star Wars film. Mickey agrees and Cartman agrees to release the ballots.


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