Dildo Shwaggins, who also refers to himself as Dick Slapperman, is an internet troll who first appear in the Season Twenty episode "Wieners Out".


Early in life, Shwaggins was frequently teased for being short in stature. His mother had dwarfism and his father had "gigantism", and she believed the two would produce a child of average height.

Although he didn't appear on screen, in "The Damned", he leaves a cryptic note on Gerald Broflovski's car while he is in the supermarket. The note reads "I know who you are." After Gerald initiates "Protocol Zero", he rushes home to destroy his computer. Forgetting that Ike's computer may also contain information about his misdeeds as Skankhunt42, Gerald frantically looks through it. He then receives a Google Alert saying the following:

meet me under the freemont
9am tomorrow.

The next day, in "Wieners Out", Gerald meets Shwaggins under the bridge, as planned. Shwaggins introduces himself as a fellow troll and tries to get Gerald to listen to some time-sensitive information. Admiring Gerald's work as a troll, Shwaggins explains to Gerald that the Danish are quickly planning to wipe out the trolls, and wants Gerald's help.

After stalking Gerald for several days, Dildo Shwaggins finally meets Gerald in the park and shows him the video of Lennart Bedrager announcing TrollTrace.com, an internet service dedicated to identifying users online. He then escorts Gerald to an undisclosed location, where a meeting of fellow trolls, including Jenkins, is taking place.

In "Douche and a Danish", the meeting takes place, and Shwaggins successfully convinces Gerald Broflovski to join their cause. Preparing for the big troll against Denmark, Shwaggins partners with Broflovski at his home and sets up his computer in Gerald's office. The two, along with all of the other trolls, successfully troll Denmark.

Believing he had a friendship with Gerald, he tries many unsuccessful times to grow their friendship in "Fort Collins". He writes a song for Gerald, and even brings him a present. To no avail, he finally learns that Gerald trolls just to be offensive, and gives up. Having given up, he is unresponsive when Gerald attempts to contact him.

In "Oh, Jeez", he appears briefly along with the other trolls captured by TrollTrace.com. Believing that Hillary Clinton had hired him to infiltrate and sabotage the service, he tours the building in disguise. Lennart Bedrager secretly had a deal with Clinton to capture the trolls, and locks Shwaggins and other trolls in a secure room.

Still captured in "Members Only", he tries to convince Gerald to stop trying to escape through the security door. After Lennart Bedrager announces his plan for the world, Shwaggins declares that President Garrison will not allow him to follow through with his plan.


Dildo Shwaggins is overweight, has a brown beard encompassing his lower face, and brown dreadlocks. He wears black rain boots, jeans, a heavy, green rain coat, black gloves, and black glasses. He also wears a three-wolf-moon t-shirt, and a black Ushanka hat.

He is occasionally seen carrying a coffee drink, an electronic cigarette, and a dark brown bag.



  • His name is a pun on "Bilbo Baggins", the main character of the J.R.R. Tolkien novel "The Hobbit".


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