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"DikinBaus Hot Dogs"
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Episode no. Season 26
Episode 05
Production no. 2605
Original airdate March 22, 2023
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"DikinBaus Hot Dogs" is the fifth episode of Season Twenty-Six, and the 320th overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 22, 2023.[1]


The South Park boys renovate and open an historic restaurant in Colorado.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The boys are playing at the Basketball Court when Butters Stotch arrives to tell them he had received his first paycheck from his new job at Willy's Chilly Ice Cream Parlor and plans to put it in the bank. Stan questions how Butters was able to get a job despite his age, and he explains that since businesses are struggling to hire people, they are now accepting children as employees if they have parental permission. Cartman expresses jealousy that he does not have a paycheck, or a bank account, protesting when Kyle insists he would not last four hours, and complaining he has to live in a "shithole" like Kenny. He heads home to his home and asks his mother for permission to get a job, accusing her of being lazy until she reminds him that she had a job and he forced her to quit, admitting she thinks he would not last four hours. He continues to press and she gives him permission, suggesting it will be a "dose of reality". Cartman then shows up to the ice cream parlor where Butters is working and insists he wants the same job, assuming Butters just sits around eating ice cream. Butters' manager, Mr. Sullivan shows up and meets Cartman who claims Butters recommended him the job, and Sullivan asks Butters if he will vouch for Cartman, which he reluctantly does after a glare from Cartman.

After training, Cartman refuses to do even basic duties such as scooping for a customer, claiming Butters telling him what to do is a "toxic work environment". He instead sits at a table and talks on the phone, complaining about the job, and when asked to work, tells Butters it is "bare minimum Mondays", and he then takes a break less than an hour into the job. The ice cream parlor soon has a line out the door of customers waiting, and Mr. Sullivan continues asking Butters where Cartman is. A child comes in and delivers Butters a laptop labeled 'open me' and when opened, Catman comes on screen and claims he is taking a "mental health day" so he can work from home, frustrating both Butters and Mr. Sullivan. Butters insists he comes back before they get fired to which he complies, but reminds him tomorrow will be a "Take-it-Easy Tuesday". Three hours into the job, Cartman is back and complaining the owner does not work enough, while mocking Butters when he asks Cartman to fill an order, claiming there must be a way for them to make all the money themselves without the owner, while trying to pick a hot dog out of hot water, only to experience an epiphany as he remembers that he is currently living in a hot dog stand. He leaves work and rushes to Kenny's house, kicking down the door and declaring he quit his job, sick of working too hard for someone else, and suggests they open up a restaurant together as co-owners at his home, insisting all they need is an investor.

At the South Park Bank, Cartman and Kenny meet with Benny and Butters, who initially refuses to fund them. Benny suggests they use a line of credit to form an LLC which will pay back Butters' investment but also principal in the company. Cartman promises Butters does not have to work for the hot dog stand and all of his money will be returned, then suggests it is not fair to Kenny to watch Butters make so much money while he has a better life, and Butters agrees to give up just a little of each paycheck, with Cartman promising the first dollar they make back on his investment. A montage depicts Kenny and Cartman spending lavishly eating expensive dinners, designing rides, taking farm tours, getting restaurant t-shirts, attending wine tastings while meeting with interior designers, trying out hot dogs, and starting to come up with a menu, while Butters continues to work hard serving ice cream, cleaning toilets and floors, only for them to take his paycheck. Cartman declares to have finally decided on a name for their restaurant. In a news report, Bill Keegan reporting for KCBR5 discusses the renovations and the new name, DikinBaus Hot Dogs, leading Cartman and Kenny at home to laugh at having said "dick and balls". Keegan mentions the construction of rides and games, seen behind him, and a 'smiley face' made with ketchup on the plate, with the 'smile' in a pattern resembling testicles around the hot dog, and revealing the owner statement: "Let DikinBaus put a smile on your buns". Butters then arrives and criticizes them for wasting his money joking around. Cartman justifies that they are the creatives but Butters demands they open the restaurant.

As construction companies increasingly construct elaborate rides and games, including a slide and a mermaid grotto, Liane becomes concerned a suggests they cease renovations and open the restaurant. A construction worker suggests redoing the asphalt to allow for a zipline and instructs Cartman that they need plumbing for the grotto. Cartman then tells the workers to go home as it is a 'Wet's Not Work Too Hard Wednesday'. Butters arrives home late that night and is confronted by his parents, Stephen and Linda who accuse him of lying about his job since there is no money left in his bank account. Stephen angrily accuses Butters of using work as an excuse so that he can get away from the family and visit a gloryhole or head to a motel for sex. Declaring how fed up he is with Butters' "lies", Stephen storms out of the house, claiming he is heading out to the office to get some "work" done. In response, Butters calls Cartman who is playing on the slide at the stand, furious that Cartman has been taking money out of his bank account without his permission. Cartman defends himself, claiming that this is a historic landmark and he only took the money to speed up opening, promising they will hire employees tomorrow morning and be open by the afternoon. The next morning, nobody seems to join the job fair. Cartman asks a passing teenager, Trevor, if he wants to work for them, and he refuses. Darryl Weathers drives up and references a history of recent firings by a Budd factory, Waffle House, and a bowling alley, blaming Joe Biden and inclusiveness and declaring all he wants is a job. They agree to hire him, but he asks if he can work from home and claims he would need mental health days to deal with the toxic work environment, causing Cartman to change his mind. Darryl declares they took his job and drives off.

The next morning, Cartman sits with Clyde, Scott Malkinson and a baby, claiming they are the best of the best, but insulting Scott as always. Kenny appears on a computer as he is taking a mental health day and working from home. Clyde then asks for mental health days, Scott mentions needing five-minute breaks to check his insulin levels, and the baby declares she does not work on No-Thinky Thursdays. Cartman expresses frustration and gives up, continuing to blame 'this generation' for being lazy. Butters then appears intending to collect his money, and Cartman claims the government failed this generation by closing businesses in the pandemic, and that his money is lost, but at least his house now has rides, slides and a mermaid grotto, promising Butters can come and hang out. Furious with how his money and hard work have been wasted, Butters opens the restaurant himself, declares it open for business, serving hot dogs and fries all on his own, complete with the 'smiley face', while Cartman, Kenny, Scott, and Clyde sit and do nothing. Cartman claims success, and soon Mayor McDaniels and Jimbo Kern are congratulating him for pulling off the opening, declaring him a hero.

At the bank, Butters meets with Benny and gets his first return on investment. Benny suggests expanding the company, but Butters instead suggests a market analysis to find buyers to roll over the company as an exit strategy, to which Benny counters few potential owners will commit capital for partial ownership. Butters suggests overseas investors will be willing to buy the IP, operations, and real estate outright. When Benny points out tenants will need to be relocated, Butters invites Liane inside and reveals they have discussed this, and they agree to give Cartman exactly what he has been wanting for a long time. She then pulls him out of the restaurant and back to the former Cartman Residence where movers are seen putting all of their former possessions back as they were, and she tells him the new owners have paid for them to have their house back, as Cartman cries and declares after the renovations he refuses to be back home, now he just wants DikinBaus.



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