Diego was Stephen Stotch 's gardener in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Mexican Joker". He first appeared in the Season Eleven episode, "D-Yikes!" where he plays a bigger speech role.


Diego has black hair and warts on his face, he has a slight double chin and looks to be in his 40s. He wears a dark blue short-sleeved shirt under a pale green vest, blue pants and black shoes, he also wears a beige cap and gloves. He appears to be of Hispanic background.


Diego was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for getting ratted by someone who anonymously reported to ICE that Diego was living undocumented in the United States. As soon as the ICE officers apprehend him and take him to their car for transportation to the ICE detention center, his wife, daughter, and son were sobbing and begging the immigrations officers to let Diego free.


  • Diego's wife is very reminiscent of Mrs. Rodriguez, the only different things being the colors of her clothes and her hair.


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