Devitzen's Tolerance Camp Warden is a character from Season Six episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance".


Devitzen's Tolerance Camp Warden runs the camp in extreme inhuman measures, he forces hard repeating labor (such as fingerpainting and making macaroni pictures) on inmates, to torture them both physically and mentally, until they lose their wills and submit to tolerance. In fact, he and his tolerance camp resemble Nazis and concentration camps in many aspects, the only difference is that he aims to reform people, not to offer pure torment.

Guards at this camp call him "Mein Führer", the exclusive title of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.


He wears a typical Nazi uniform (noticeably well shined boots) and glasses. He has narrow mustache, a hooked nose, and speaks in stereotype German accent. He carries a revolver and uses it to intimidate Kyle. He always looks harsh and serious.


"Here, intolerance... will not be tolerated. "

"You will not make any distinction between people of different colors! People with different sexual preferences! You will accept everyone! "

From the quotes we learn that he believes in absolute equality between races and sexual orientations. But according to Mr. Garrison, the point he has always been overemphasizing is actually acceptance.


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