The Denver Sea Park Employees are minor characters that appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Free Willzyx". Their names are Brian and Mike.


They are Denver Sea Park commentators narrating the Orca show. They make condescending remarks off the microphone about the theme park patrons, calling them a bunch of retards. When the show ends. When Kyle is the last to leave the water tank, the commentators trick him into believing Jambu the Orca Whale could talk and its name is Willzyx (in imitation of Free Willy movie character) and how the whale is from the moon and has three kids and a wife. The lie becomes bigger than the two can manage when they claim Willzyx is sick and wants to go home.

The boys are so convinced that they kidnap the whale to launch it back home. The employees then pursue the group through the country and try to tell them a secret but the police ambush them and the ALF members have a shoot-out with them, as one employee gets brutally shot. When Willzyx's rocket is launched, the lead employee holds his fallen partner in his arms and looks on helplessly, with Brian laughing slightly at the fact that the whale was actually launched.


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