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The Denver Convention Center is a convention center / sports arena used for the Colorado All-State Basketball tryouts and later, The Miss Colorado Pageant.


Kyle Broflovski first visits the convention center in the hopes of making it onto the Colorado All-State basketball team. His dreams are shattered when he is told that Jews aren't physically built to play the sport.

After he undergoes a negroplasty, he comes back to the convention center during the playoff game and convinces the coach to let him play. His dreams are shattered again after his kneecaps explode during the match.

In "Wing", it is used for The Miss Colorado Pageant. After the 16 finalists are announced, Token Black is brought onstage and performs "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine". He and his agents talk outside the convention center later, before Don Heisman from Creative Arts Agency convinces him to switch agencies.




  • The exterior of the convention center appears to be modeled after the Los Angeles Convention Center, specifically the South Hall building and the walkway above Pico Blvd..
  • While there is a convention center in Denver, that one is named the Colorado Convention Center.