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Dental Floss is an alter-ego of an unnamed first grade student. He appears in Season Fifteen episode "Royal Pudding".


Dental Floss was part of a concert on tooth decay. When Mr. Mackey asked on the whereabouts of Ike Broflovski, Dental Floss replied that Ike was watching the royal wedding of the Prince and Princess of Canada.

Ike was eventually replaced by his brother Kyle. However, in one rehearsal, when Dental Floss along with the rest of the crew were blaming Kyle for the alleged poor performance, Mr. Mackey vented his anger on Dental Floss instead.


Dental Floss has black hair and appears to be wearing a red shirt and black shoes. As part of his costume he wears a large green box with a head cover and a string attached, imitating a box of dental floss. The name is printed in black Comic Sans font at the front.