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The Delivery Express Man delivers a parcel to Randy Marsh in the Season Twenty-Four episode, "The Pandemic Special".


Randy Marsh finds out that he is responsible for the transmission of COVID-19 to humans. He kidnaps the Pangolin believed to be responsible for the spread to prevent scientists from finding him out. When he gets home, he anxiously watches the news about the escaped pangolin. Just then, he has a visitor, and he is worried that he is in trouble. He is relieved upon seeing that it is the Delivery Express man who has come to deliver a parcel to him. The delivery man requests him to put on a "chin diaper" (a running joke for wearing a mask on one's chin which does not offer any real protection) to receive the parcel.

Upon opening the parcel, Randy gets a terrible shock to see a human heart and the words "YOU'RE DEAD" written in blood on the box lid. He calls Mickey Mouse who sent him the parcel, and Mickey tells him he is having him killed and his DNA secretly sent to the scientists for the vaccine. Randy then gets an idea to ejaculate into his Pandemic Special so he can vaccinate people without them knowing and tells Mickey not to kill him.


The Delivery Express man has brown hair and thick eyebrows and wears a "chin diaper". He wears a navy blue cap and polo tee which have "Delivery Express" written on them. He wears gray knee-length shorts with a black belt that has a walkie-talkie. He wears long gray socks with black shoes. He drives a Delivery Express van.

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