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Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Production no. 106
Original airdate September 17, 1997
Episode chronology
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"An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" "Pinkeye"
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"Death" is episode six of Comedy Central's series South Park. It originally aired on September 17, 1997.

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Plot details follow.


The Marsh family is celebrating Grandpa Marsh’s 102nd birthday but Grandpa isn't having a good time. He wishes he was dead, and, while he and Stan watch Terrance and Phillip after the birthday festivities, attempts to shoot himself but misses, hitting a picture on the wall instead. Grandpa realizes he is too old to do it himself, so he offers Stan a dollar to shoot him, but Stan, not wanting to get into trouble, refuses. This makes Grandpa annoyed, claiming that he shot his own grandfather when he was Stan's age.

Meanwhile at Kyle’s house, Kyle and Ike are also watching Terrance and Philip when their mother, Shelia, comes in and gets upset by the content of the program. The next day at school Kyle discovers that Sheila has called everyone else’s parents and is leading a boycott of Terrance and Phillip in front of Cartoon Central's headquarters in New York City. During the school day, Stan seeks out various adults to find out whether or not he should assist his Grandpa in killing himself, but no one wishes to discuss the issue, so Stan talks to the guys about it.

Meanwhile still, Kenny's case of explosive diarrhea is spreading to the whole town, particularly to the adults protesting Terrance and Phillip. Despite their protest of the show, they are shown laughing at various bits of "real life" toilet humor.

At home, the boys have been left alone to watch Terrance and Phillip at their leisure, as most of the community has followed Sheila to Cartoon Central to demand the show be taken off the air. All the while Grandpa Marsh is trying to convince Stan to kill him. During one attempt, he has a distracted Stan hold a length of rope, while Grandpa attempts to hang himself. Shelley arrives in time to stop Stan, who is horrified by Grandpa's trick, and the boys are put on TV in which they inadvertently place the blame on Terrance and Phillip, adding more fuel to Sheila's protest. In order to show Stan what it's like to be live like him, Grandpa traps Stan in a room playing Enya, at which point he and the rest of the boys agree they must do it. They hang a cow from a tree to drop on Grandpa when Death shows up. Although Grandpa is yelling, "I'm over here, you son-of-a-whore!" Death is really after Kenny.

Back in New York, although a dozen people have been sling-shot and smeared on the face of the network building, the network refuses to take Terrance and Philip off the air until an executive comes out (in a gas mask) and announces; "Ladies and gentlemen, your nazi-esque tactics of trying to stink us out with rancid feces...has worked. Therefore, today we will be officially taking Terrance and Philip off the network and replacing it with reruns of She's the Sheriff staring Suzanne Somers."

In South Park, while chasing the boys, Death stops at the window of a TV store and watches an episode of Terrance and Philip. The boys join him in watching until the announcement of its cancellation.

After Death touches Kenny, Grandpa argues with Death about not taking him. Then, Grandpa’s Grandpa shows up (with Kenny's ghost) and tells him to not kill himself or he'll end up in limbo like him. Taking his Grandpa's advice, Grandpa Marsh plans a trip to Africa where over 400 people are eaten by Lions every year.

At the end, Sheila sees the boys watching She's the Sheriff and is again upset with the content and prepares for another boycott.

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