Dean was the host of J&G Shopping Network, who appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Cash For Gold". In the episode, he sold overpriced jewelry on his television show.


Dean hosts a jewelry shopping channel where he sells exorbitantly expensive jewelry at a fraction of the cost to himself, usually to elderly individuals with Alzheimer's disease. He is shown to receive his product from India, from a sweatshop that makes the jewelry.

Upon selling a piece of jewelry to an individual, they would then give it as a gift, usually to a relative. They would then take the jewelry to a Cash For Gold shop to sell it at an extremely devalued price. The shop would then sell the gold to a smelter, who would then smelt the gold down into gold bars. The smelter would then send the gold to the sweatshop in India, where it is turned back into jewelry. The sweatshop then sends the jewelry, in crates, back to Dean to be sold again, thus completing the cycle.

At the end of "Cash For Gold", Dean commits suicide on air, by a gunshot to the temple, after being told to by several callers. Although he himself wasn't seen, it was an extremely bloody death, as blood was seen covering his counter and products.


Dean was only shown behind a counter, however, he wore a white shirt with tribal designs and a black scarf. He had dark brown hair, which had been combed back.


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