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  • The episode lampoons public indifference to school shootings.
  • It is revealed that the school has 200 students.
  • Randy is seen drinking John Adams beer, a parody of the Sam Adams brand of beer.
  • During the credits "#cancelsouthpark" is prominently seen in the background. The hashtag was used during the advertising campaign for Season Twenty-Two. It would continue as a running gag in the credits into the season.
  • Mrs. Biggle's first name is revealed to be Harriet.
  • Token and Nicole appear to be reconciling.
  • Hugh, the winner of an Omaze campaign to appear in a South Park episode, appears in the background in this episode, in the school hall waiting to surprise Sharon.
  • This is the first episode to feature the new 2018 Comedy Central logo.

References to Popular Culture

  • Two references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe are made:
  • When Cartman is questioning Token on having not seen Black Panther, he utters "Whatcha talkin bout Willis?", which is the catchphrase of the character Arnold Jackson from Diff'rent Strokes.
  • Randy communicates using charades twice in the episode.
  • Cartman mentions being threatened with a ban from Fortnite if he flunks math.
  • Randy serenades Sharon with "(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story", an Andy Williams song from 1970.
  • During the final school shooting scene, what appears to be a depiction of Chase from the CGI Nick Jr. series PAW Patrol can be seen on Billy's lunchbox.


  • At the dinner table, Randy has John Adams beer and garlic bread on his plate, even though he went gluten-free back in Season Eighteen and was drinking gluten-free Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • The Hall of Honor from South Park: The Stick of Truth is shown in this episode that features previously deceased characters affiliated with the school.
  • The psychiatrist from "T.M.I." reappears.
  • Token and Nichole are mentioned to have gotten back together, referencing their breakup in "Skank Hunt".


  • Cartman mentions that Black Panther made $1.3 billion in the domestic box office. However, that figure was actually Black Panther's worldwide gross; its domestic gross was $700.1 million.
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