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  • According to this episode, Stan apparently has a stronger digestive system than Cartman, or as Cartman puts it "a golden rectum of the Gods."

Cultural References

  • Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from The Atlantic Paranormal Society(Taps) and Ghost Hunters are called in to investigate. All of which are made to look like complete idiots. Both have stated they loved the parody.
  • Some of the ghosts that Ike sees or are waiting on the plane in Purgatory are pop-star Michael Jackson, Billy Mays (who is advertising various products), Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Natasha Richardson, Dom DeLuise, Ted Kennedy, John Hughes, Walter Cronkite, Ed McMahon, Adam Goldstein (DJ AM), Arturo Gatti, Bea Arthur, Steve McNair, Ricardo Montalbán, David Carradine, Les Paul, and Oscar G. Mayer, Jr.. Most of the aforementioned deaths have occurred within 2009 alone, a trend that has alarmed the media.
  • Most of the products Mays pitches are fake, with the exception of The Big City Slider Station and Mighty Mend-It.
  • The episode also refers to The Sixth Sense when Ike tells his therapist that he sees dead celebrities, reminiscent of the quotation, "I see dead people."
  • The episode features a spiritual medium reminiscent of Tangina Barrons from the film Poltergeist. Ironically she died within a year of the episode airing.
  • The episode parodies the movie Little Miss Sunshine and the show, Toddlers & Tiaras, with the children's pageant.
  • The psychic from the hospital is a reference to actress Zelda Rubinstein who acted the eccentric psychic in Steven Spielberg's movie Poltergeist.


  • This is Michael Jacksons second episode in which appears; the first was The Jeffersons. Despite this, the boys don't seem to recognize him afterwards.
  • There is also no mention of Michael's son, Blanket, in this episode.
  • The scene Billy Mays talks and the boys tells him to shut up mirrors the analogical scene in Good Times with Weapons where the boys said the same to Butters.
  • One of the beauty pageant contestans resembles Estella from the episode Pip.


  • When Billy Mays is trying to sell his products in purgatory, he's seated next to Kennedy and Richardson and behind some background characters. At the end when they land in hell, he's seated next to someone else. At the part where all the celebrities yell he is not present.
  • In the scene where Cartman shows them Billy Mays selling a product for cleaning blood stains out of underwear, they start out in Cartman's house when they go to the TV. However, when they go back to see the boys' reaction to the commerical, they are in Kyle's house.
  • In a deleted scene, viewable on the Season 13 DVD and Blu-ray, where the boys and Michael Jackson were in Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery, the tombstone actually shows Michael Jackson died on July 25th, when Michael Jackson really died on June 25th.
  • The male doctor says that he'll let Doctor Phillips take care of it, but the woman's tag says Dr. Tangina.

Hidden Visitors

  • When Ike is announced winner of the pageant, a hidden Visitor wearing a wig and makeup is visable in the last row of the theatre.
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