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"Dead Celebrities"
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Episode no. Season 13
Episode 8
Production no. 1308
Original airdate October 7, 2009
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"Dead Celebrities" is the 8th episode of Season Thirteen and the 189th overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 7, 2009.[1]


Ike is being tormented by paranormal forces. Kyle brings in professional ghost hunters to help save his little brother.[1]


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Plot details follow.

As Gerald and Sheila are having sex in bed at their residence, they are interrupted by Ike, who tells them he is afraid of ghosts. Gerald commands Ike to go back to his room.

Ike dozes off for a while, only to wake up terrified as Billy Mays appears out of nowhere advertising the “Mega Scrub Cleanser”. He screams and runs in his closet as Billy Mays follows him. Ike runs to the hall where he encounters the ghosts of Farrah Fawcett and David Carradine (who is shown hanging himself) in two different doors. Billy Mays catches back up to Ike as he screams until Kyle comes out of his room and tries to comfort Ike as he screams for Billy Mays to stop.

Ike is at a psychiatrist's office as Dr. Land tries to get Ike to open up to him. Ike tells him he sees dead celebrities walking around and talking to him. He then states that sees Ed McMahon standing behind the doctor. Ike adds that he sees the dead celebrities all the time.

Kyle visits the Cartman's house where he sees them watching TV. He then states that he is worried about Ike, to which Cartman laughs off until Kyle says Ike was seeing the ghost of Billy Mays, to which Cartman decides to help. He rewinds the TV to Billy Mays' ad for Chipotlaway, a product made to allow people to remove blood stains from their underwear after eating Chipotle. Cartman says he uses the product all the time, to which Kyle states that he does not understand why people would eat something that makes people crap blood.

A Ghost Hunters episode is airing about Ike, they are in the conference room discussing Ike's investigation when they all freak out thinking there is a ghost present in the room. They again go crazy while driving to the Broflovski residence, mistaking a cigarette lighter for something suspicious. They are now at the house, things start to get out of control with everything they see, one of the guys starts to pee his pants. Kyle and the boys watch in shock as another person pees their pants. They keep freaking out about piss everywhere as they crap their pants, they finally run out of the house in horror.

Ike sighs and goes over to the steps upset. Kyle tries to comfort him telling him he has nothing to fear. But Billy Mays appears next to them holding a pan advertising the “Big city slider station”. Ike screams in fear.

At the Children's Hospital of Denver, Ike is in an emergency room as the boys sit outside in the waiting room. Kyle still does not understand why people would eat Chipotle if it makes them crap blood. Stan says he never crapped blood while eating Chipotle and Cartman tells him he has golden rectum of the gods while everybody else is forced to use Chipotlaway. Dr. Carroll comes out and announces that Ike is stable but that he is in a coma. Dr. Phillips comes out and tells the boys that Ike is in purgatory where people go when they cannot accept that they have passed. Dr. Phillips describes it as being on a plane waiting to take off at the gate, with no ability to deplane or use the bathrooms or receive beverage service.

Dr. Phillips manages to contact any of the ghosts who are haunting Ike to try to help them move on. Billy Mays manages to answer and tries to advertise, only to be interrupted by Walter Cronkite and various other celebrities who reveal that they are acceptant of the fact that they have died, which surprises Dr. Phillips. However, Patrick Swayze reveals to her the main cause of their trapped state: Michael Jackson refuses to acknowledge his death. The boys and Dr. Phillips try to help the celebrities convince Jackson that he is dead but the latter denies this again, saying that he is not dead and everybody is ignorant. Thunder strikes the machine as everybody panics, Dr. Phillips flies out the window and falls to death. Ike wakes up, with the voice of Michael Jackson who has taken over Ike's body. He runs off, playing at a park.

The purgatory plane is shown, blue seats and a white carpet floor with clouds above are seen. Celebrities complain about having to sit in purgatory as a flight attendant tells them they will be delayed for at least another 96 hours.

At the Marsh Residence, Stan is looking up how to get rid of Michael Jackson's ghost as Michael plays with a toy set in the background. Kyle meanwhile still does not understand the whole Chipotle madness. Stan finds that to make the ghost move on they must let it be what it really wanted to be. Kyle offers the idea of dressing him up and taking him to a talent pageant.

At the Holiday Inn Select, various girls are shown. Including Michael Jackson (as Ike), the boys cheer her on as the announcer reads her background. Billy Mays is again advertising a product on the plane showing the “Country Handi Pillow”. The celebrities demand answers as the captain gets on the PA. They announce they have to move Michael Jackson's baggage off, which causes an angry reaction from everybody on the plane.

Back at the Holiday Inn Select, Stan tries to convince the judges to vote for Michael Jackson. Michael comes out and starts singing. Two of the male judges are shown jacking off before the police come in and remove them. The female judge is the only left, the boys sigh knowing she will never vote for Michael. Until Cartman notices she is eating Chipotle. Cartman goes over to tell her about Chipotlaway.

The girls are shown lined up as the winner is announced. Michael is revealed to have won. One girl cries on stage, another apologizes to her mother for not winning and is slapped. Michael says that he is finally at rest, and his ghost flies out of Ike. Ike regains consciousness and is confused at his situation. Kyle assures him that he is going to be okay.

On the plane, everybody is sleeping as Michael flies back into his seat. The plane takes off as it stops in Hell (since none of them were were Mormons) as the flight attendant announces Hell is a tow-in gate, meaning they'll have to wait longer, everybody sighs in disappointment.


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