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David "Running Horse" Sawitzky was seen in the Season Fifteen episode, "A History Channel Thanksgiving".


David was invited to give a lecture for the students of Mr. Garrison's fourth grade class about the history between the British-European colonists and the Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving. He claimed to be 1/16th Cherokee Indian, which he believed gave him authoritative knowledge on the subject.

David arrived at Kyle Broflovski's home, where the boys were, and was infuriated after seeing Kyle and Stan Marsh were interviewed on the The History Channel. He threatened the boys with a handgun until Miles Standish bursted through the door, looking for Kyle, believing Kyle was an expert on Thanksgiving from the DeVry Institute (as the History Channel claimed in subtitles during Kyle's interview with them).

The fight ended when David's claims of being Native American were tested by Standish. He put a glowing ball in Sawitsky's mouth, which turned him to ashes, thus proving he was not truly of Native American heritage.


Despite his claims of Native American ancestry, David Sawitzky evidently appears to be Caucasian, with light skin, slightly rosy cheeks and blond hair. However, he still insisted on wearing a traditional Native American headdress, along with glasses, a light yellow shirt, blue jeans and brown boots.

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