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David Quincy is a professional thief who appeared in the Season Twelve episode "About Last Night..."


David Quincy appears as a member of a thief organization run by Barack Obama who plans to steal the Hope Diamond from the White House. He initially seems hesitant to steal it due to the Hope Diamond being almost ungettable because of the White House's extremely thief-proof security. During the actual heist, Quincy is seen in the Department of Power shutting off the power to the Smithsonian. At the end of the episode, he, along with the other members of the thief club, fake their deaths and leave for paradise.


Quincy has short messy brown hair, brown eyebrows, and a brown mustache.

He wears two different outfits during the episode. For most of the episode, he wears a black suit over a gray button-up shirt, black pants, and black dress shoes. He has a red handkerchief in the pocket of his suit.

At the airport at the end of the episode, he wears a white button-up shirt with light blue stripes, a red belt, white pants, black shoes, a yellow coat around his waist, a gold wristwatch, and grey-tinted sunglasses.


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