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David Palmer was an employee at Pioneer Village, who played the blacksmith. The other characters called him "Ol' Smithy".


He got into trouble with Pioneer Paul for wearing a visible digital watch while on duty. When the thieves who had taken Pioneer Village over wanted to know the door code for the old mine shaft, David refused to break character and was shot in the head by Franz.


David Palmer, as he appeared as a pioneer villager, wore a blue long-sleeved shirt with a collar under a long, brown apron. He also wore a large, tan hat with a large brim, a digital watch, and fake black eyebrows. He has brown hair and although he doesn't have any real facial hair, he wears make up or dirt as a fake beard.


  • When Pioneer Paul chastises 'Smithy' for wearing a digital watch, he calls him Chad. However, Franz later reveals the actor's name to be David Palmer.


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