Dave Fitzsimmons is a minor character who first appeared in Season Twenty-One episode "White People Renovating Houses".


Dave was seen with his wife in the "White People Renovating Houses" television show, where Randy Marsh explained that the couple was planning to move from their colonial-style house.

In "Band in China", Dave is the representative for a clothing company who wishes to expand to China and a distributor for the NBA. As Randy boards the plane to China, he meets the representative, who is sitting beside him. Randy asks him about his plans for going to China and he replies that the clothing company he works for wants to expand into China and attract more Chinese customers. Randy is angered at hearing this, thinking that he had stolen his idea of going to China to expand his business. The representative then spots his friend, Mitchell on the flight and talks to him, explaining that he also has to distribute NBA material to Chinese viewers to help the NBA expand into China.


Dave has a neatly combed brown hair and wears a navy blue jacket over a white V-neck, brown pants and black shoes.


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