Dave is a character who appeared in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Mexican Joker".


Dave has brown hair and eyebrows. He wears a blue jacket with the wording "ICE" colored white. His tie is purple, and wears a vest that reads "POLICE ICE". He has dark gray pants and black shoes.


Dave is an ICE Detention and Deportation Officer who works with Jeff Corrigan in detaining children who split up by their parents for being accused of living in the United States undocumented.

As soon as Kyle Broflovski and all the other kids arrive at the ICE Detention Center for juveniles, Jeff introduces them to the jail using a megaphone speaker. Dave serves as Jeff's translator, repeating what Jeff says in Spanish to the kids who do not understand English. However, despite being a translator, he, most of the times, incorrectly translates what Jeff says, indicating that his Spanish speaking skills are poor.

As soon as Kyle tells them about the "Mexican Joker", Dave and Jeff, along with another officer, get scared and try to figure out which kid held in the detention center may be the "Mexican Joker".

As the episode was near the end, Dave gets shot and killed by Jeff due to Jeff's extreme anxiety. Jeff opens fire on him and the two unnamed ICE officers in order to free the kids and convincing the "Mexican Joker" that he helped him by letting him go. Despite killing his colleagues, Kyle informs him that no one in the detention cell is the "Mexican Joker".

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