Dateline is a news magazine program on NBC hosted by Lester Holt. Dateline focuses on true crime stories and other major news events. The show was formerly hosted by Chris Hansen, who was the host in the South Park spoofed version. Hansen was the host and main correspondent of Dateline until 2013.


In "Le Petit Tourette", Eric Cartman was to appear on this show to have his Tourette Syndrome disorder documented and to take advantage of the disorder to say Anti-Semitic comments on air. However, Kyle Broflovski and Thomas saved him from his appearance on the show by setting up a plan to lure pedophiles in the studio, who killed themselves after seeing Hansen.


Chris Hansen on the set on Dateline.


  • The South Park version of Dateline spoofed the special series of Dateline that was called "To Catch A Predator".
  • The To Catch A Predator series was canceled by NBC a few weeks after the episode's initial airing.
  • Chris Hansen would later host "Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen".


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