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Darryl Nathan Weathers works in the Construction Workers' Union and he made his first appearance in "Goobacks", as a worker who was upset over losing his job to immigrants from the future.


He first appears in "Goobacks", and he hosts a rally of many working class men who are mad at losing their jobs to the Goobacks, who volunteer to work for next to nothing. He tries to help them find a way to get rid of the Goobacks, when it eventually comes to all the men having sex with each other. He approves the idea and mandates that every man does it. Since then, he has made numerous appearances as a background character or a minor character, having but a line or two.


He has a flock of red hair, a big red mustache and very hairy arms. He wears a green checker-pattern shirt and blue jeans.


  • "Goobacks" - Debut appearance.
  • "Erection Day" - He could be seen walking along the street while Jimmy was speaking to the Nut Gobbler.
  • "Smug Alert!" - His second speaking appearance; a one-liner in which he appears in the background. He is mad at someone (who we know to be Gerald Broflovski) putting a fake ticket on his car.
  • "Britney's New Look" - He appears when the townsfolk take photos of Britney.
  • "Margaritaville" - He appears once again as the spokesperson for the working men on the Channel 9 news.
  • "W.T.F." - He appears in this episode again watching the boys wrestling federation. In this episode he again brings up "Dey took der job!"
  • "It's a Jersey Thing" - Non speaking cameo; fought against the Jerseyites.
  • "Let Go, Let Gov" - Is a member of Butters' group at the DMV.


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