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Daniel Tanner is a student at South Park Elementary who first appeared in “Breast Cancer Show Ever”. He appears in the background, primarily in large crowds, at parties, or in the school hallways. In "Skank Hunt", his former girlfriend, Annie Knitts, breaks up with him at the end of the episode.


Daniel wears a gray shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. He has brown permed hair and most notably wears a blue hoodie jacket. In both of the Post COVID specials, he is seen wearing the same outfit as an adult, the only difference being he is also wearing glasses.

Criminal Record[]

  • Civil unrest/rioting: Daniel was one of many students seen rioting in the school hallways over the cancellation of Columbus Day in "Holiday Special".


Annie Knitts[]


Daniel just prior to being broken up with by Annie Knitts.

Some time prior to the events of "Skank Hunt", he and Annie form a relationship.



Daniel and his father in "Pinewood Derby".

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