Daniel is a character who appears in the Season Fifteen episode "T.M.I."


Daniel attends an anger management class to help control his anger, which, like the other members of the group, is implied to be caused by him having a small penis. He joins the other members when they become the "Pissed Off and Angry Party" and attacks the FedEx Office until the national average for penis size is changed.

Daniel claims to get most angry at "stupid-ass blind liberals".


Daniel wears a orange-brownish jacket, gray pants, and black shoes. Underneath his jacket, he wears a white shirt with an image of the American flag and the words "WAKE UP AMERICA!" written on it. He has a pin with an image of Barack Obama in a "no" circle on his jacket. He also wears a hat with a bow and some teabags hanging from it. He has gray hair, gray eyebrows, and a gray mustache.



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