Danger Deck is a 2017 and 2018 downloadable content for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It was released on December 19, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on April 24 for Nintendo Switch.[1]


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The challenging Danger Deck will teleport you to never before seen locations throughout South Park to fight enemy encounters custom crafted by Tupperware. You can access Danger Deck in the Freedom Pals Base by interacting with the Danger Deck terminal, where you and your team of superheroes will be transported into these holographic battles. These increasingly difficult encounters, comprised of a variety of different enemies from the game, will test and push the limits of any superhero. You'll be rewarded with items and costumes that are also usable on alternate playthroughs of the game.


Sixth Grader Base Scenario


  • "Charm School" - Fight through an onslaught of Charm attacks from South Park's deadliest temptresses. And Rebecca. Danger! Charmers will advance on your position. Use Knockback powers to keep them out of striking distance.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Ho Bruiser
      • 2x Mercedes
      • 2x Raisins Griefer
      • 2x Rebecca
  • "Scorched Earth" - No square is safe is safe as enemies light up the combat grid with a deluge of AoE attacks. Danger! Spread out your team as quickly as possible to avoid mass casualties.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Alternate Human Kite
      • 1x High Jew Elf Kyle
      • 1x Many-Assed Sixth Grader Porcupine
      • 1x Mr. Kim
      • 1x Security Bruiser
  • "Heavy Hitters" - Brutal boss enemies team up to serve your ultimate demotion. Danger! King Crab's Heal power has infinite range. Focus fire and take him out first.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Almighty King Douchebag
      • 1x Detective Yates
      • 1x King Crab
      • 1x Mini Supreme
      • 1x Porcupiney
      • 1x Red Wine Drunk Randy

Ultra Modifier: Turns are skipped by Real-Time Event!


  • DNA Strand - Nanobot Chassis
  • Costume (Head) - Asgard Headwear Ultra 1.png
  • Costume (Accent Makeup) - Asgard Scars Ultra 1.png

Lounge Scenario


  • "Shadow Swarm" - This relentless summoning algorithm has one directive: overwhelm you with an infinite supply of clones. Danger! Summoners will create an enemy swarm if gone unchecked. Use Chill powers to keep subdue them.
    • Enemies
      • 2x Ninja Summoner
      • 2x Thief Craig
  • "Dead and Beary'd" - Double the pain as you face off against twin Bearys backed by a motley crew of snipers. Danger! Bearys are deadly at close range. Use Knockback powers to keep them at the far edges of the combat grid.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Accusations Sniper
      • 1x Death Flinger Chaos Minion
      • 1x Prep Cook
      • 1x Redneck Sniper
      • 2x Beary
  • "We Three Freemans" - A noxious bout of ass-to-ass combat against Morgan Freeman and two of his younger selves Danger! Morgan Freeman fights like a god. If you can't beat him, try emulating his signature facial blemish.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Morgan Freeman
      • 2x Young Morgan Freeman

Ultra Modifier: When an enemy dies, the rest increase their damage and Health!


  • Mission Item - City Ninja Assassination Contract
  • Epic Slot Artifact - Amaze Ball Ultra 1.png

Graveyard Scenario


  • "Boneyard Bullies" - Take a stand against abusive Sixth Graders and the hideous abominations of nature that normalize their behavior. Danger! King Crab's Heal power has infinite range. Focus fire and take him out first.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Alpha Cat
      • 1x Crab Medic
      • 1x King Crab
      • 1x Ninja Sniper
      • 1x Sixth Grader Bruiser
      • 1x Sixth Grader Medic
  • "Adverse Conditions" - Square off against holo-thugs dispensing AoE attacks laced with punishing status effects. Danger! The Sixth Grade Leader is a stone-cold killer. Use Chill powers to keep him at bay.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Ol' Bomber
      • 1x Police Sniper
      • 1x Sixth Grader Leader
      • 1x Withdrawal Griefer
      • 2x Wonder Tweek
  • "Disarray Unfoiled" - General Disarray returns with an elite Chaos squad determined to wreak total havoc on your team. Danger! Don't let Chaos Exploders get too close. General Disarray can Detonate them on command.
    • Enemies
      • 1x General Disarray
      • 2x Chaos Swarmer
      • 4x Chaos Exploder

Ultra Modifier: Team members are Shocked at the start of their turns!


  • Costume (Head) - High-Res Helmet
  • Epic Slot Artifact - Avenging Nezumi Ultra 1.png

Waste Managment Scenario


  • "Mental Assult" - Expect the unexpected as Confuse attacks keep the tides of battle ever-shifting. Danger! High-powered enemies are even deadlier when aided by a nearby Medic. Use Knockback or Pull powers to keep them separated.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Meth Head Medic
      • 1x Redneck Sniper
      • 1x Warrior Clyde
      • 2x Security Bomber
  • "Beasts n' Priests" - Fight a battle of biblical proportions against an unholy alliance of Catholic Priests and Woodland Critters. Danger Priests' Telegraph attacks will box you in. Create a safe space by luring them in the same row.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Beavery
      • 1x Porcupiney
      • 1x Raccoony
      • 3x Father McManus
  • "Jared Reloaded" - Only the sharpest tactical mind can withstand the second coming of Jared. Danger! Stay away from Jared. Unlike other enemies, he can attack while charging up a Telegraph attack.
    • Enemies
      • 2x Jared
      • 2x Jared's Aide

Ultra Modifier: Your Spunk stat is nullified, rendering all team Healing powers useless!


  • Costume (Hands) - High-Res Gloves
  • Costume (Clothes) - High-Res Suit
  • Epic Slot Artifact - Danger Gyro Ultra 1.png

City Dump Scenario


  • "Emotional Violence" - Face a legion of Therapy Kids programmed in advanced shaming techniques. Danger! Don't let the Sixth Grader Medic heal other enemies. Use Chill powers or focus fire to eliminate him first.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Expectations Swarmer
      • 1x Resentments Bruiser
      • 1x Victimization Assassin
      • 1x Withdrawal Griefer
      • 2x Accusations Sniper
      • 2x Sixth Grader Medic
  • "Stand your Ground" - Enemies rush and knock their way into your personal space in this vulgar yet scientifically fascinating study of kinetic energy. Danger! All enemies deal punishing attacks. Load up on heroes with high Health and Heavy-damage powers to survive.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Deery
      • 1x Jared's Aide
      • 1x Mini Supreme
      • 1x Sheila
      • 2x Police Assassin
  • "Civil War 4.0" - Tupperware's ultimate test of character in the face of no-win situations pits you against a horde of Civil War combatants. Danger! High-powered attackers are even deadlier when aided by nearby support enemy. Use Knockback or Pull powers to keep them separated.
    • Enemies
      • 1x Captain Diabetes
      • 1x Doctor Timothy
      • 1x Human Kite
      • 1x Mosquito
      • 1x Mysterion
      • 1x Super Craig
      • 1x Toolshed
      • 1x Wonder Tweek

Ultra Modifier: Enemies are immune to Status Effects!


  • Mission Item - Summons Decryptor
  • Costume (Hands) - Asgard Bracers Ultra 1.png
  • Costume (Clothes) - Asgard Suit Ultra 1.png

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