Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins American football team. He appeared in the Season Eighteen episode, "Go Fund Yourself".


After a bunch of scandals and lawsuits, Snyder lost the trademark to the name "Washington Redskins", which is later picked up by Eric Cartman as his startup company name. Snyder views this as a ridicule, so he tries to convince Cartman, in person, to stop using the name for his business, but gets turned down point-blank.

Then he goes to the NFL headquarters to find Roger Goodell, who is actually a robot and goes malfunctioning. He calls all NFL owners on Skype and asks for help, they reach an agreement to put pressure on Cartman's company and force it to change logo. However, Cartman alters the logo to be more offensive and sarcastic.

In retaliation, Snyder and his team destroy the kickstarter company, which he thinks is the most responsible. But contrary to his expectation, Cartman's company manages to survive and turns into a prosperity.

Before their away game against Dallas Cowboys, Snyder's men finally lose their hope and bail, leaving him the only player to start for the Redskins. Without any doubt, the match ends up being a massacre and gets Snyder beaten into a bloody mess by the Cowboys.


Daniel Snyder wears a black business suit, which consists of black shoes, black pants, a black coat, a white shirt, and a red tie dotted in Washington Redskins logos. He has combed black hair and wears glasses.



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