The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) workers appear in the Season Seventeen episode, "Let Go, Let Gov".


Butters Stotch misunderstands Eric Cartman's paranoia about the US Government spying on everyone. That evening, Butters "talks" to the government, similar to praying. The next day, Butters goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles to confess his perceived "sins". He is very nervous while waiting for his turn, as someone in the queue describes the DMV workers as "the meanest people on Earth". When his queue number is called, he confesses that he yelled at a midget and took a picture of Jennifer Lawrence, cut the mouth out, and stuck his penis through the hole. The seemingly apathetic clerk suggests that he sing "Living in America" 1000 times, to which he begins. He feels a lot better and starts a new religion of confessing one's sins at the DMV.

With more people showing up at the DMV to confess their sins, one of the workers, Larry, gets mad that people are having fun there. However, when Butters convinces Cartman to join his DMV congregation at the end of the episode, Larry changes his mind. Instead of the DMV being the miserable place they have run all along, he hopes that the DMV can become a comforting place where people can get things off their chests.

After that, Channel 4 News reports that the DMV has been shut down after rampant allegations of the workers having sex with young boys. The workers are seen being arrested in the news report.


They are of varying appearances but all of them wear light blue polo tees and DMV lanyards with name tags. They mostly appear to be middle-aged and some are slightly overweight.


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