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The unnamed DJ appears in the Season Three episode, "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery".


The DJ is seen at the beginning of the episode announcing that the band Korn will be playing live on KOZY-FM. He asks Stan, Kyle and Kenny if they like KOZY-FM, Stan responds by saying that once he saw two guys kissing and that was the most gay thing he has ever seen in his life, until he saw Halloween KOZY-FM Haunt.

The DJ is later seen talking to Father Maxi, when he asks him if he was enjoying the preparations at the docks, Maxi responds negatively saying that Halloween is a celebration of the occult, the DJ also asks what he thought of the band Korn, Maxi says that Korn is a group of devil worshipers who play violent music.

He is later seen telling Korn members that the Halloween Haunt has been canceled because of the Pirate Ghosts.


The DJ has big light brown hair from the 70s, a light brown beard and is usually seen wearing headphones. He wears a cyan shirt with a collar and two side pockets. He also wears dark green pants and black shoes.

He bares a similar resemblance to the WSPIC DJ seen in "Gluten Free Ebola", who also has brown hair in a big style, wears headphones, has some facial hair, and wears a buttoned shirt, but as they work for two different stations and the WSPIC DJ is more heavyset, they seem to be different people.


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