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"Cupid Ye"
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Episode no. Season 26
Episode 01
Production no. 2601
Original airdate February 8, 2023
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"Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special" "The Worldwide Privacy Tour"
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"Cupid Ye" is the first episode of Season Twenty-Six, and the 316th overall episode of South Park. It aired on February 8, 2023.[1]


Cartman is jealous of the friendship that's developed between Kyle and Tolkien and decides to do something about it.[1]


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Plot details follow.

At South Park Elementary, Kyle Broflovski and Tolkien Black ask Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick if they have seen their latest TikTok, expressing that it is one of their best. Cartman tells them nobody really cares about them, but is proven wrong as several students compliment Kyle and Tolkien's work. At recess, the three watch the video and express confusion, with Cartman pointing out how much time that Kyle and Tolkien have spent together lately, and an upset Stan excuses himself. Cartman admits he feels empathy for Stan and wants to help, saying he can't stand to see him suffer, promising to help and 'be a good Christian'. During band class the next day with Mr. Romero, Cartman tries to talk to Tolkien, claiming falsely that Jewish people such as Kyle have appropriated black culture and attributing this to "new information" that has come out recently, ending with the claim that "Kyle runs Hollywood" as the playing stops. At lunch, he then promises Stan that he and Kyle will be "back together" by Valentine's Day. Stan is happily surprised when Kyle approaches him at lunch, but Kyle is only looking for a phone charger. Cartman is bewildered, realizing his scheme has failed, and consults with his imaginary friend Cupid Ye, who suggested spreading the false information and promises to spread it further to help.

Clyde Donovan and Scott Malkinson approach Kyle in the hallways later and tell him they have a sweet movie idea, involving a main character with guns for hands, and have written ten pages of script, asking if he does run Hollywood. Kyle denies that he does, refusing to dignify it with a response. At PC Principal's office, he sits down with Kyle and Cartman and questions if Cartman started the rumor, to which he admits he did, and the Principal threatens two months of detention if anyone mentions it again in the school. That evening at home, Cartman prays and talks to Cupid Ye, who is willing to help, but Cartman asks him not to do anything 'drastic' and mentions that he has been acting crazy since he changed his name and "got all into Jesus". Cupid Cartman visits Credigree Weed and enters Tolkien's window, whispering conspiracies in Tolkien's ear about Jewish people, suggesting Kyle is profiting from him and taking credit. Steve Black overhears and glances in his son's room as Cartman jumps out the window, revealing that he is behind Cupid Ye's actions.

The next day at school, kids are whispering about Kyle, who approaches Tolkien to express concern he hadn't seen him at the playground, when Jimmy Valmer approaches, behaving strangely and offers his headshot. Kyle expresses anger and tells their classmates he does not run Hollywood as they assume, but after they leave, Tolkien claims it isn't a big deal, leading Kyle to make a comparison about the number of black people in the National Basketball Association. Tolkien suggests they ignore it and work on their morning TikTok, as Stan, Kenny and Cartman watch on. Cartman tries to comfort Stan that 'sometimes Jesus works slowly', but Stan tells him to stop talking. At the Broflovski Residence later that day, Randy stops by and asks to speak to Gerald, expressing confidence in Kyle as a good kid, but then expresses his concern about 'woke' movies and TV shows and complains that they are preachy and not entertaining, much to Gerald's confusion, complaining box offices are down and people are tuning it out, calling himself brave for saying Avatar 2 sucks. Kyle enters the room and complains, again, that he does not run Hollywood and accuses Randy of listening to Cartman, but he says he heard it from an artist on television. The artist, during an interview, is clearly Cartman, posing as a rapper and an artist and repeating the same anti-semitic lies he had told in school about black people being victimized by Jews, which Tolkien is seen watching at home. Cartman cautions Ye not to claim Hitler is a good person.

Tolkien and Kyle try to record another TikTok at the public park, but are interrupted and have an argument, with Tolkien suggesting Kyle is taking too much creative control, leading Kyle to question if he was about to accuse him of running Hollywood. Tolkien says he is sick of hearing about these accusations and Kyle accuses him of not feeling compassion for him, pointing out Jews and blacks have worked together for civil rights, and as they both begin to make racist statements, they resolve to not make TikToks together anymore. Cartman watches from the bushes, expressing joy that Stan and Kyle will be friends again, but Cupid Ye suggests they use this as a chance to spread their Nazi message and makes increasing racist statements, with even Cartman questioning them. Cupid Ye then breaks into a car, hotwires it and causes significant crashes and property damage. Cartman runs to Tegridy Farms and looks to Stan for help, admitting Cupid Ye's existence to him, describing him as a magical angel who comes by every Valentine's Day, comparable to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. He expresses concern that he can no longer reason with Ye, and that he is using Christianity as an excuse to be racist and needs to be placed back on his medication.

The next day at school, the children are seen handing out Valentine's Day, including Butters Stotch, as Mr. Mackey and the other teachers look on. Cupid Ye sits by himself in a bathroom, singing to himself as he prepares metal arrows. Craig Tucker and Kenny kick down the door to the bathroom, finding a shrine to Hitler when Cupid Ye's arrows hit Craig and soon other students, including Kevin Stoley, causing kids to run and scream. The affected kids begin following Kyle, questioning him for various Hollywood projects such as superhero movies and the Super Mario Bros film. At the school entrance, Stan approaches Tolkien and apologizes, admitting he has been jealous of him and that someone has been messing with Tolkien as a result of this jealousy. They are interrupted by the commotion and after trying to apologize to Kyle, they are all cornered in the hallway by the affected children and Cupid Ye, who has been described on the loudspeaker as a bee before. Cartman, however, appears and claims he will force Cupid Ye to take his medication, seeming to tackle him in the hallway and force it into his mouth despite Cupid Ye's desire not to be controlled; after ingesting his medication, Cupid Ye transforms back into his usual Cupid Cartman self and seems to shoot the kids with love arrows, exhibiting no anti-semitism.

Kyle appears before a crowd with two older men, Stan and Tolkien to discuss harmful stereotypes, and is asked for his message:

"My message is, we can't control what people say, so we have to be smart about what we choose to believe. If one idiot says that a certain group "runs Hollywood", look into it. With very minimal effort, you will find that "Hollywood" is a multi-tiered industry run by tens of thousands of people from all over the world. In the past, Jews were shut out of most professions, so they came to dominate vaudeville, which back then was considered too low-brow for good Christians. Those Jews eventually moved West and started the first movie studios when movies were also considered work for the underclass, and their descendants are now a decent percentage of the thousands of people of all races that make Hollywood run."

In response, a man in the audience points out he is trying to explain what Hollywood has been trying to get people to understand about diversity in plain words, and another man suggests they should let Kyle actually run Hollywood, with the crowd soon declaring to "let the Jew run it!"



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