Cupid Cartman, more commonly referred to as "Cupid Me", is an imaginary friend of Eric Cartman, who is the only person who can see him. He first appeared in the Season Sixteen episode "Cartman Finds Love".


In "Cartman Finds Love", Cartman, who thinks black people belong together, plans to set up Token and Nichole in a relationship, by having them locked alone in the school gymnasium overnight. After the two are rescued, Cartman secretly watches them, as they decide to pursue the relationship. At that time, Cupid Cartman appears next to Cartman and they congratulate each other.

When Token and Nichole break up due to a misunderstanding, Cartman loses faith in Cupid Cartman and beats him with a bat. Later, after watching a laxative commercial, which suggests "you have to push even harder", he decides to apologize to Cupid Cartman and tries to get Token and Nichole back together again. After he succeeds in his plan, Cupid Cartman tells him he found a girl for him too. When asked who she was, Cupid Cartman points to Stacy Muleburg, the Halitosis Kidz! kid, much to Cartman's horror.

In "Tweek x Craig", Cartman attempts to use Cupid Cartman to bring Tweek and Craig together. Cupid Cartman goes to Craig and shoots him with an arrow, as well as peeing in his mouth. Afterwards, Cupid Cartman attempts to flirt with Cartman, who denies his advances because he isn't gay.

Late in the episode, when Tweek and Craig "break up", Cartman asks Cupid Cartman to make things right again, but he refuses to do so unless Cartman goes on a date with him. Cartman reluctantly agrees and Cupid Cartman shoots Craig's dad with an arrow (and pees in his mouth) to get him to accept Craig's "situation". At the end of the episode, Cupid Cartman gives Cartman a massage on their date, which Cartman doesn't enjoy. He follows this by having anal sex with Cartman. This all happens in Cartman's imagination, though, as in the next scene it is revealed he is actually masturbating in the bathroom, as his mother watches.


He is the Cupid version of Cartman. His hair is the same color as him, but it is curly, unlike Cartman's straight hair. He is nude with wings on his back and armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows.


Cupid Cartman is always seen with a smile and giggles quite often, especially when tickled by Cartman, which he expresses with his distinctive "teehee!" laugh. Cupid Cartman can only be seen and heard by Cartman, as Kyle and Butters get confused when they see Cartman communicating with him. Cartman speaks to him as if he is a real person, even complaining about the odor he leaves in the bathroom (as well as chasing him, telling him to "Come back and flush the toilet") after using the toilet.




  • "Cartman Finds Love" - Helps Cartman get Token and Nichole to date. Cartman beats him severely with a baseball bat. He makes Stacy Muleburg, the poster child for "Halitosis Kidz!", fall in love with Cartman.
  • "Tweek x Craig" - Helps Cartman get Craig, and Tweek back together. Shoots Craig and his dad with arrows, and subsequently pees in their mouths. Flirts with Cartman, and proceeds to "have" anal sex with him.


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