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The Crips are a real-life street gang which was prominently featured in the Season Seven episode, "Krazy Kripples".


Timmy and Jimmy travel to Denver, Colorado looking for people who were crippled from birth to avoid Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed from the neck down in an accident.

They meet the notorious street gang, called the Crips. Timmy and Jimmy were accepted into the gang, on the one condition that they "they pop some punk ass bloods". After they inadvertently cause a traffic accident, killing thirteen of the Bloods standing in a parking lot, they are accepted and given new names. Jimmy's nickname becomes "4-legs" while Timmy's is "Roller". This action prompts the Bloods to retaliate by trying to kill Timmy and Jimmy in a drive-by shooting at their houses. To resolve this conflict, Jimmy rents the Denver Recreation Center and invites both gangs to an all night lock-in, until they resolve their differences. Both gangs realize they have many things in common. Beginning a friendship, they play basketball and sing songs together, thus having a general good time.


The Crips wear blue handkerchiefs, blue clothes, and have many tattoos.


  • The Crips are a real street gang based in Los Angeles, California, with members all around the world numbering in the tens of thousands.

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