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"Crippled Summer"
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Episode no. Season 14
Episode 7
Production no. 1407
Original airdate April 28, 2010
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"Crippled Summer" is the seventh episode of Season Fourteen, and the 202nd overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 28, 2010.[1]


Competition is the name of the game this summer. There is no time for Jimmy and his friends to slack off. They're working to be this year's champions at summer camp. Jimmy suits up and prepares to shred in the annual surfing contest.


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The episode begins with a visual and verbal disclaimer different than normal, which reads "This program contains subject matter that may be disturbing to some views, which is done by Trey Parker. Viewer's Discretion (however they say "Discreetion") is advised", which then reveals that Towelie, pushed by the boys has agreed to do an intervention reality show regarding his drug addiction to weed, crack and crystal meth, which has steadily worsen to the point where he has begun to victimize his friends for drug money and prostitute himself, and has even cost him his relationship with his girlfriend and his newborn son, "Washcloth".

Meanwhile Timmy and Jimmy have arrived at Lake Tardicaca, a summer camp for disabled children. While they are both overjoyed at being back for their fourth year in a row, Nathan, another disabled boy and his lackey, Mimsy, are less thrilled, due to the fact that Jimmy has led his camp team (blue) to victory of the camp game three years in a row beating Nathan's team (red). The boys meanwhile have gotten Towelie a job at the camp, drying off the kids. However, he constantly fails to do his job, instead disappearing to get high in the woods, resulting in him being reprimanded 14 times. As Jimmy warms up the Blue Team for the camp games, Nathan and Mimsy plot against them, and Jimmy in particular, by planting a poisonous black mamba snake in their canoe. However, when Nathan orders Mimsy to put the snake in the canoe, Mimsy assume that he means the red team's canoe. The Red team all disqualify themselves by jumping out of the canoe in fear, while Blue team is victorious.

The counselors attempt to get the Red team dried off, but find Towelie had gone to give an old man oral sex in the sport's shed in exchange for money to buy more drugs. As a result he is fired, despite the boys attempting to get the counselors to keep him on.

Nathan and Mimsy continue to plot against Jimmy, this time by switching the blue team's scavenger hunt map with one that would lead them to the Tardicaca Indian Tribe who kill trespassers on sight. Mimsy however, again misunderstand Nathan's orders, and switches the Red team's map for the fake map, rather than the blue team's. This results in Nathan being shot by arrows from the Indians.

Towelie, who can no longer afford drugs begins abusing computer dusters that cause him a high which he calls "Walking on Sunshine!" The boys have Butters summon Towelie for the official intervention with a therapist. Butters and Kyle each proceed to read off pre-written statements of their feelings towards Towelie. When it's Cartman's turn however, he instead uses the TV appearance as a vehicle to read a very long-winded hate speech in which in insults the Jewish people, asking for the rest of the country to help him in exterminating them, with most of his comments directed primarily at Kyle. After a great deal of time has passed, Cartman at last finished his multi-page hate-speech, at which point Stan delivers his much shorter Towelie-related statement. Towelie initially refuses to go to rehab, until Butters presents him with Washcloth, his son. Horrified at what he became, Towelie agrees to go to rehab, where he becomes clean since April 26, 2010, after which he goes back to his girlfriend and son.

Back at the camp, Jimmy competes in the surfing competition, where it's revealed that despite his bad legs and inability to walk, he is capable of surfing like a pro. Nathan and Mimsy however, have plotted to use a shark-mating whistle, to summon the Tardicaca Shark to kill Jimmy. Mimsy however does not blow the whistle in the water while Jimmy is surfing, but instead again misunderstands Nathan, and after swimming in the water, climbs back onto the shore and then blows the whistles. This results in the shark coming to shore, jumping on Nathan, and raping him with its 9-inch penis.

In their final attempt to kill Jimmy, Mimsy and Nathan put C4 explosives into Jimmy's ukulele, intent on blowing him up when he plays a B flat during his solo. Jimmy and the Blue Team's performance of the camp song is spectacularly done (again), however, he fails to hit the note multiple times, until he finally skips over the solo to continue to the second part of the song. Furious, Nathan tells Mimsy to demand the Jimmy perform the part he skipped. Jimmy however states he can't remember it, and asks that Mimsy do it for him. Mimsy starts to show Jimmy how to correctly play the solo, but before he hits the B flat, Nathan, infuriated by Mimsy's stupidity, grabs the ukulele, and starts yelling at him for his incompetence, stating that if he has to get something done, he has to do it himself. At this point, Nathan's anger gets the best of him as he makes good on his previous statement. He starts playing the solo on Jimmy's ukelele and correctly plays the B flat, setting off the explosive, which sends him flying to the beach, where he is bitten by the black mamba, attacked again by the Indians, and finally raped again by the shark. As Nathan is about to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, Jimmy (oblivious to Nathan's attempts on his life) offers Nathan the crown for "King of Camp" as a sign of goodwill. Nathan however mutters how he hates Jimmy.


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