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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jimmy Valmer.
  • Among the scouts are Butters Stotch, Token Black, a black-haired version of Tweek Tweak, and a blond-haired version of Clyde Donovan. Craig Tucker's dad can also be seen in the bar discussing Big Gay Al, which indicates Craig is most likely one of the other scouts without his hat, possibly with a different hair color as well.
  • In a UK poll, Paramount Comedy's Top 10 Episodes, this episode was ranked number 8. "Park Life", the documentary accompanying the countdown, showcased how the positive characterization of Big Gay Al in this episode is what earned it so much respect.
  • Among the life-threatening events that happened to Jimmy while wearing one of Kenny's parkas were a falling safe, a hawk, a car crash, a herd of stampeding cows, Jimbo and Ned shooting at him from a rooftop, and one of NASA's Space Shuttles nearly crashing into him.
  • The hawk that fails to catch Jimmy is the same one that kills Kenny in front of the Colorado Supreme Court, maybe Kenny's parka seems like a prey to it so it hunts twice.
  • This episode reveals that Kenny's parka may be the attraction of his deaths.
  • Timmy giving the parka to Jimmy in order to try and get him killed means that Timmy is aware of the fact that Kenny constantly dies. This could either be a mistake or a sign that Timmy is the only person who is aware, and that he can't tell anyone else because he can't communicate properly.
  • This is the first episode in which Timmy begins to show advanced cognitive ability. In previous episodes, he is shown to have near-complete mental disability.
  • Mr. Grazier was in Jimbo and Ned's platoon in Vietnam, as seen in the episode "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka".
  • Kyle does not appear in this episode, save for the intro.
  • Sheila and Gerald Broflovski are seen in the church while Cartman enters and yells "Cripple Fight!", although they are Jews.
  • At the end of the episode Jimmy is kicked out of the scouts when they think he's gay due to the new rule. In reality this sort of policy would only apply to the scout leaders, not to the kids.
  • In the promotional image, Jimmy and Timmy are fighting in their regular clothes, but in the episode, they're fighting in their scout suits.
  • When Jimmy does an impersonation of Mr. Garrison, a brief shot of Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat is seen. Oddly, this shot is removed in the HD version of the episode.

References to Popular Culture

  • The Piano Player in Big Gay Al's house is composer Marc Shaiman. He helped produce the songs in the episode "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics". Marc can be seen playing the piano for Santa Claus and Jesus Christ during the "Christmas Medley".
  • The piano player plays a song called "Too Fat Polka".
  • The mini-DVD commentary for the episode describes how the fight between Jimmy Valmer and Timmy Burch is based on the fight between George Nada (Roddy Piper) and Frank Armitage (Keith David) in the 1988 film They Live. When overdubbed with the appropriate audio from the film, the fight sounds and much of the dialogue match up almost perfectly with the animation.
  • The Mountain Scouts' branding as a hate group is a reference to the controversy of the BSA banning homosexual members, particularly the Boy Scouts of America v. Dale case in 2000.
  • Gloria Allred is a civil rights lawyer well known for taking up high-profile and often controversial cases. Here, she is depicted as a glory hound who only takes on the case to gain fame and attention.
  • When Timmy starts to edit an image of him and Jimmy, he sings to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".


  • During the scene in which Jimmy does impersonations of the townsfolk, Sharon Marsh appears to be wearing lipstick, when in other episodes, she doesn't.
  • During the fight, Jimmy's uniform has the number "0" on its side. However, the number of the troop is supposed to be "69". This could be because Jimmy said at the start of the episode that he traveled around states, so he wasn't in the South Park troop at the time.
  • During the fight, Jimmy inflicts two wounds on Timmy, one on the left side of his forehead and one on the right side of his mouth which bleed. The wounds and blood vanish after Jimmy helps Timmy up and says "I told you to put on the hat." and hits him to the ground with his crutches.
  • Kenny is seen sitting in the scout meeting in the last scene of the episode, even though he got carried away by an eagle minutes before.
  • When the parents discuss the new scouting leader in the bar, Stephen Stotch has the voice of Skeeter.
  • While Jimmy is telling jokes at the bake sale, Esther is seen standing in the crowd. For the first few times she is seen in the crowd her right lock of hair is missing. When she is shown again her lock is present.
  • During the fight when Jimmy helps Timmy get up, Timmy suddenly appears in his wheelchair even though he was knocked off it by Jimmy a few moments earlier. However, he could have gotten it between mid-shots.
  • As usual, Kenny has his orange hood up despite being in scout uniform. However, his parka's sleeves are missing - a similar mistake is made in "Raisins".
  • Jimmy's eyebrows are brown in this episode. Later, though, they become the normal black.

Kenny's Death

  • During Gloria Allred's speech near the end, a giant bird carries Kenny away in its talons and presumably eats him. However, due to a continuity error, he is seen alive during the Mountain Scout meeting at the end of the episode.

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