Crimson Dawn is a band formed by Stan in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Band in China". The band consists of Stan as the lead singer, Butters as guitarist and backup vocalist, Kenny as bassist, and Jimmy as drummer. Kyle and Cartman join the band later in the episode.


Stan formed the band and started writing songs due to his hatred towards Tegridy Farms and the fact that he didn't see Kyle for weeks. The band performs a death metal song at Autumn Fest about living on a farm, but their style leaves their parents and everyone at the event shocked. After their performance, the PC Babies' record producer arrives at Tegridy Farms, where the band was rehearsing, and offers them a contract in order to make a biopic about Crimson Dawn.

At the studio, Stan explains how he formed the band, claiming that Kenny learned to play bass by watching YouTube videos of John Lennon and Dalai Lama. The producer tells them that talking about Dalai Lama doesn't go well with the Chinese and they'll need to make sure the movie clears the Chinese censors in order to make a lot of money.

The band tries numerous times to make a biopic, but they always fail to please the Chinese standards. Kyle and Cartman return from the migrant detention camp and join Crimson Dawn's last attempt to please the Chinese government. In the studio, the band sings the song "Fingerbang" which manages to be in good terms with the Chinese standards, but the boys realize that they can't betray their ideals just so they can make money in China.




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