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"Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special"
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2506 Towelie
Episode no. Season 25
Episode 06
Production no. 2506
Original airdate March 16, 2022
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"Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special" is the sixth episode and the final episode of Season Twenty-Five, and the 315th overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 16, 2022.[1]


Butters is shocked to learn that people in South Park don’t understand what St. Patrick’s Day is really about.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The morning of Saint Patrick's Day at Tegridy Farms, Sharon Marsh is helping her son Stan and daughter Shelley get ready for school when Randy Marsh enters and explains that he does not want the kids going to school as he wants their help preparing for the Saint Patrick's Day Special, proudly proclaiming that it is a big improvement on the previous special and could help the company's bottom line. Meanwhile, at the Stotch Residence, Butters is dressed in all green and teasing his parents about how excited he is to pinch those who are not wearing green for the holiday. After greeting his friends at school, he finds one of his classmate Kelly-Ann Barlow not wearing green, and pinches her on the behind. The Park County Police are called and arrest him for "sexual assault of a minor", refusing to believe his insistence that she was "asking for it on account of what she was wearing", locking him away as a sexual predator and revealing that Barlow was wearing green socks. He is assigned a public defender who exits his case after he demonstrates his pinching again. Butters prays for a leprechaun to help his escape from jail.

Randy, meanwhile, is frustrated to find that Steve Black and Credigree Weed are also running a Saint Patrick's Day Special, and makes a serious effort to draw customers away from Steve's weed business, most seriously by accusing him of "cultural appropriation" of the "only white holiday left", an accusation that leads them to a fist fight in between their farms. Randy is arrested and taken into custody for assault. Afterward, Steve is approached by Farty O'Cool who runs the town's Irish bar and would like to buy a few tons of Credigree Weed marijuana for his bar, unaware that Steve's supply is low. At the Park County Police Station, Randy is brought in dressed as a leprechaun, alongside various drunken partygoers, and Butters believes his prayers to Saint Patrick have been answered. Randy concocts a plan, pretending to call his lawyer but instead asking Stan to ditch school and bring him some marijuana so he can escape jail, verbally abusing him when he questions the idea. The boys then show up and drop off a cake, with the marijuana inside. Randy does not understand the plan at first and complains, hoping to use the marijuana to bribe the police. After he figures it out, it becomes fruitless when the cops receive a shipment of Credigree and smoke that instead.

Randy and Butters are able to escape the jail when Randy displays inexplicable, previously unseen rainbow-themed abilities, and make it to the Irish bar, where it is discovered that Steve bought the remaining stock of Tegridy weed and mixed it with his own to produce the final Saint Patrick's Day Special for Farty O'Cool. Randy gloats that they are really using his weed, but the police ambush around Butters is interrupted by the arrival of Saint Patrick himself, who proceeds to illustrate a massive ego and sexually assaults several women, proclaiming the whole point of the holiday is for people to "get drunk and assault each other". His crude display alienates the townspeople who leave the party and head home, and Patrick declares the party sucks. A news broadcast the next day declares that the 'sexual predator' will face community service, which turns out to be Butters, lamenting the role his church has played in his downfall.


  • While on the phone with Randy, Stan over-emphasizes the 'L' in Tolkien's name. This is a reference to the name change in "The Big Fix".


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