Crank Prank Time Phone is a toy from Zasbro that allows its users to prank call the past. It was seen prominently in the Season Ten episode, "Go God Go XII".


While waiting for the Nintendo Wii console to be released, Eric Cartman freezes himself and is unfrozen over 500 years later, far from the 3 weeks he intended. While in the future, Cartman sees an advertisement for the Crank Prank Time Phone. Wishing to contact his friends in the past, he acquires one through the deception of a neighboring family, because he lacks the 6,000 credits needed to buy a new one from the toy store.

Cartman ignores warnings about altering the past by asking Kyle, Butters, and his past self to prevent him from freezing himself. However, everyone doesn't take him seriously, believing it to be a prank.


The box features many common themes among toys, portrayals of children playing with the toy as well as phrases associated with the toy are all seen on the box. To keep with the futuristic theme of the toy, the font used on the box is the same as the font of the title on the poster for film Blade Runner, which is set in the future.


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  • "Go God Go XII" - Seen used unsuccessfully by Cartman to prevent his past self from being frozen.
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