Craig's Gang (also known as, "Craig and those guys") is a gang of fourth graders led by Craig.


Throughout the South Park series, there has been an opposing group who rival with the five main characters (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and somewhat Butters) of the show. They often disagree with or oppose Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny about many things as shown in episodes like "South Park is Gay!" and "Good Times With Weapons".

Snapshot 1 (6-23-2011 12-31 AM)

Tweek, Craig, Clyde and Token.

However, both groups have also been shown being quite friendly, hanging out, eating lunch together and even helping each other in episodes like "Eat, Pray, Queef", "Make Love, Not Warcraft", "Marjorine", "Crack Baby Athletic Association", and "Free Willzyx", where they all work together to return a captive whale to its "home" on the moon. In "Super Fun Time", Craig even paired up with Kenny McCormick.

Even though the role as group leader can vary between Craig and Clyde, it is usually Craig who takes on this role which earned the group to be known as Craig's group.

It is also often Craig who starts fights with the main group of the show. This behavior is in contrast with his behavior in Pandemic and Pandemic 2: The Startling, in which Craig seems to prefer to avoid conflict rather than instigate it.


Most Prominent

Though the group has shown to have different members at certain times, there are 3 boys who are shown to be the most prominent:


Token, Craig, Jason and Tweek in "South Park is Gay!"

Other Group Members

The group has also shown to occasionally have other members randomly replacing one of the 3 prominent characters such as:
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Craig (front), along with Tweek, Token and Jimmy, at Stan's birthday table.


Craig, Jimmy, Clyde and Token in Ginger Kids

Jason is the least common additional member of the group, whereas Jimmy and Tweek both appear quite frequently, although Tweek was used more often in older episodes, while Jimmy seems favorited in newer ones such as "Good Times With Weapons" and in "Ginger Kids", where Craig, Clyde, Token and Jimmy are seen bullying one of the ginger kids out of the school's cafeteria because of Cartman's manipulation via his homework project/hate speech on Ginger Kids in class.
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