Craig's Gang (also known as Craig and Those Guys) is a group of fourth graders led by Craig. The group consists of Craig Tucker, Token Black, Clyde Donovan, and Jimmy Valmer. Additional members include Tweek Tweak, Jason White, and Butters Stotch.


In some episodes of South Park, there is a group of 4th graders who are frequently seen together and oftentimes with "The Boys" (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and sometimes Butters).

They sometimes disagree with or oppose Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as shown in the episodes "South Park is Gay!" and "Good Times with Weapons". However, both groups have also been shown being quite friendly, hanging out, eating lunch together and even helping each other in episodes like "Eat, Pray, Queef", "Make Love, Not Warcraft", "Marjorine", "Crack Baby Athletic Association", "The F Word" and "Free Willzyx", where they all work together to return a captive whale to its "home" on the moon. In "Super Fun Time", Craig even paired up with Kenny McCormick, and Jimmy Valmer with Kyle Broflovski. In later seasons, the core members are frequently seen when the Boys' group extends beyond 5 and the rivalry appears to have diminished. The core trio are also seen eating with the Boys in nearly every cafeteria scene after Chef's death.

It is Craig in particular who dislikes the main group of the show. In "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: The Startling", Craig explains that he doesn't like them because they always get themselves into trouble that escalates to ridiculous degrees and never learn from the past. However from those episodes onward, Craig seems to prefer to avoid conflict rather than instigate


Craig Tucker

Craig wears a blue jacket and a matching blue chullo hat with a yellow puffball on top. In the early seasons of the series, he wore blue jeans, but in more recent seasons he wears high-waisted black pants. Craig's hair is usually shown to be black, although it appeared to be brown in "The Losing Edge". In "Good Times with Weapons" Craig's eyes are shown to be blue.

Token BlackEdit

Token Black2

Token Black

Token wears a light purple Armani Exchange shirt with a letter "T" in light orange and a pair of dark gray pants. Being African-American, his skin is dark. He has short black hair.

Clyde DonovanEdit

Clyde d

Clyde Donovan

Clyde has medium-brown hair, wears a burgundy coat, grayish-brown trousers, and sometimes wears ocean-blue mittens. Underneath, he has been shown to wear a green T-shirt with a cow's face on the front. He has been labeled "the second fattest kid next to Cartman" despite appearing about the same weight as the others.

Jimmy ValmerEdit

Jimmy valmer here

Jimmy Valmer

Jimmy wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black boots; he wears braces, has a rather lopsided face, brown hair, and sideburns. Like Timmy, he is handicapped, but with a far less severe form of cerebral palsy and can still walk with the aid of crutches. From "Cripple Fight" through "Super Fun Time," his eyebrows were the same color as his hair. However, as of "The China Probrem," they're black just like other characters his age.

Tweek TweakEdit

Tweek pic

Tweek Tweak

Tweek has messy blond hair and wears an incorrectly-buttoned green shirt with blue jeans. In "Gnomes", his physical appearance was slightly different to more recent episodes; instead of a green collar, he had a black one, and his jeans were also of a darker color. During the metrosexual fad in "South Park is Gay!" he appeared in a pink jacket with slicked down hair.

Jason WhiteEdit


Jason White

Jason has brown hair with sideburns and a large forehead. He wears a purple top and a pair of blue jeans, which were originally dark gray. In "The Hobbit", Wendy mentions that he has freckles. His character is based on Jason McHugh, who was featured with Trey Parker and Matt Stone in Cannibal! The Musical and Orgazmo.


Butters Stotch

Butters Stotch

Butters has a small tuft of bright blond hair on the top of his head. He wears a turquoise jacket and dark green pants. He was seen with Craig's gang in the episode "The Scoots," and South Park twitter hinted at him now being apart of Craig's gang.

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Core MembersEdit

Though the group has shown to have different members at certain times, there are 4 boys who are shown to be the most prominent:

Additional MembersEdit

The group has also shown to occasionally have other members randomly replacing one of, or joining, the 4 most prominent characters, such as:

Tweek is the most common additional member of the group, followed by Jason, who appears mostly in "South Park is Gay!". Butters had only been used once, in "The Scoots." Tweek was used more often in older episodes, while Jimmy seems favored in later ones such as "Good Times with Weapons" and in "Ginger Kids", where Craig, Clyde, Token and Jimmy are seen bullying one of the ginger kids out of the school's cafeteria because of Cartman's manipulation via his homework project/hate speech on Ginger Kids in class.

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