The Crack Baby Athletic Association was founded by Eric Cartman after seeing a public service announcement for the unfortunate babies with Sarah McLachlan. The crack babies are housed at the local hospital where they are filmed playing a game using a ball of crack cocaine put on the internet, reportedly receiving a Thousand hits a day. The CBAA has become so successful that an EA Sports was offered a licencing deal for $100,000 and a celebrity guest appearance from Slash to play at the CBAA half-time matches.

The business crashes after EA Sports cuts Eric out of the deal for the video game rights and the company finds out Slash may not be a real person but instead is being impersonated at events and parties, including the children's Fathers or Mothers.

The Crack Baby Athletic Association Staff

Image Name Position Description
EricCartmanCBAA Eric Cartman CEO Eric is the CEO of The Crack Baby Athletic Association. He founded the company and runs it.
KyleCBAA Kyle Broflovski Accountant Kyle is the accountant. He manages the finances.
CraigTuckerCBAA Craig Tucker Talent Scout Craig and his partner, Clyde, look for new talent.
ClydeDonovanCBAA Clyde Donovan Talent Scout Clyde helps Craig find new talent.
ButtersCBAA Butters Stotch Video Director
Butters helps maintain the company website.
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