The Crab King is the leader of the Crab People. It first appeared in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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As Call Girl had her mobile plan disabled, she seeks help from The New Kid to accompany her to D-Mobile and try resolve the issue. When it was discovered that the store had been taken over by crab people, the superheroes fought the new employees. After a few rounds, the crab people will summon the Crab King (who acted as the new manager) into the battlefield.

Once the superheroes defeat the Crab King, it will explode and disintegrate into nothing but green slime.


The Crab King has a much redder appearance compared to the subordinates. It wears a crown on its head, a purple cape, a necklace and wields a golden staff that has a golden claw at its tip.


  • Employees Only - Executes a magic attack from its staff. Inflicts knockback.
  • Employee Discount - Heals 125 health for itself and its allies.
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