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  • After becoming the new school cafeteria chef, Randy greets the boys by saying "Hello there, children" and "How's it going?". This is reference to the catch phrase Chef would use when greeting the boys.
  • Katherine Queef appears without her sister Katie, marking the first and only time one of the girls has been seen without the other.

References to Popular Culture

  • The opening theme to Randy's cooking show is a parody of the 1976 song "I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home" by Russian singer Eduard Khil, which has become very popular on the internet
  • The Hell's Kitchen Nightmares Iron Top Chef Cafeteria Throwdown Ultimate Cookoff Challenge! is a parody of Iron Chef America, a cooking game show where a cook challenges a resident Iron Chef in a competition. Host/Commentator Alton Brown and Iron Chefs Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay and Mario Batali are shown in this episode.
  • The title of the cookoff challenge is a combination of popular cooking shows:
    • Hell's Kitchen
    • Kitchen Nightmares
    • Iron Chef
    • Top Chef
    • Throwdown! With Bobby Flay
    • Tyler's Ultimate
    • Food Network Challenge
  • When Bobby Flay challenges Randy to a school cafeteria food throwdown, this a reference to his show, Throwdown! With Bobby Flay, where he travels across the country and challenges local chefs to a surprise competition where he tries to recreate a dish the chef is known for and then have a panel evaluate it.
  • When Jamie Oliver is shown crying about healthy food in school cafeterias, it's actually based on his reaction during the filming of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in 2010. While filming the show, he was shown breaking down in tears and questioning why people hated him as he faced resistance from schools and residents across America that refused to allow him to change their lunch menus and introduce healthier alternatives.


  • The words "Crème Fraîche" are consistently pronounced incorrectly in this episode. The proper pronunciation of the French words is "krem fresh" (which literally translates to "Fresh Cream).
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