Count Ravyncrowe first appeared in the Season Twelve episode "The Ungroundable". He is in the South Park Vampire Society. His name was revealed in the removed vampire kids quest in The Stick of Truth.


His first appearance in "The Ungroundable" was going out to the goth kids' hangout spot and suggesting it would be a great place for a vampire meeting. He and a younger vampire are scared off by Henrietta.

He is later seen in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers", at the noon meeting for the South Park Vampire Society. He sat in the second row, beside Larry and behind Vladimir. He does not play a significant role.

He and some other vampires in the Vampire Society make a brief appearance during the "Black Friday" trilogy, where they are seen throughout the episodes as part of Stan Marsh's army to fight for the PlayStation 4 systems.


Ravyncrowe wears black shoes, black pants, a black jacket with a wide triangular collar and red trim, square yellow-tinted sunglasses, black fingerless gloves, and a red shirt with some kind of word on it. He has longish black hair with a silver streak on the front left side. He has eyeliner as well.

In the game he wore a red suit with a white undershirt underneath and his glasses had red lenses.



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