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The Costa Rican President appears in the Season Three episode, "Rainforest Shmainforest".


In the episode, the Getting Gay With Kids choir travels to Costa Rica to sing about rainforest awareness and conservation at the Save the Rain Forest summit. When they first arrive, they go to the Costa Rican Capitol building and meet the president. He does not understand English when Ms. Stevens tries to communicate with him. The group has to wait for Mr. Mackey to arrive, who speaks to him in Spanish. The choir performs their song and dance routine outside the Capitol Building. The President then sends the choir on a tour of the rainforest headed by the tour guide Pablo.

After Pablo gets eaten by a snake, the choir group gets lost in the rainforest. The next day, the day of the summit, Mr. Mackey and the President both discover that the choir group never returned to the hotel. They become pretty concerned and Mr. Mackey reassures the President that the choir will show up in time. When there is still no sign of the group an hour before the concert starts, the President stalls time by telling Polack jokes. Thankfully, the group makes it back just in time. Having had a terrible experience in the rainforest, they change the lyrics of their song. The new version rebukes the rainforest and is considered inspiring by some audience members.


The Costa Rican President has black balding hair combed to one side, a visible nose and eyebrows, and a curly mustache. He is visibly overweight. He wears a yellow shirt with two chest pockets and a gray stain, a black-tie sloppily draped around his neck, black pants, and black shoes.



  • The actual Costa Rican President at the time of the episode was Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.


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