Cornwallis Hankey is one of Mr. Hankey's children. He is presumed very smart, but he is conflicted with being a poo. He appears in the Season Four episode, "A Very Crappy Christmas" and South Park: The Stick of Truth.


Cornwallis is a talking piece of excrement with an orange and blue hat, glasses, gloves and an orange scarf.


Cornwallis is deeply conflicted by being a poo, he doesn't see the bigger picture. His father, Mr. Hankey, sings him a song about it but later reveals he only did so because he wanted to "stop his bitchin'".

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Cornwallis plays a minor role in Mr. Hankey's quests. The New Kid must rescue him from hobos, who are using him for an entertainment "Shit Show", and return him to his parents.



  • Cornwallis sings with the voice of ex-Temptation Louis Price in "Circle of Poo", but with the high-pitched tones that Trey Parker gives to Mr Hankey when he sings "Santa Claus is On His Way" when on display to the hobos in the game.


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