Corey Lanskin is a boy that pretends to be English, teaching Minecraft to adults for a fee in the Season Seventeen episode, "Informative Murder Porn".


Corey is sought out by the adults who want him to teach them Minecraft, so they can remove the television block on their "murder porn". While he originally refuses to teach them, he is soon persuaded by Randy Marsh's offer of "a hundred ounces of silver". He takes them into his basement, which is loaded with multiple computer workstations, and uses a London cockney accent to instruct them, rather than his usual, child-like voice.

When the boys later come to his house, asking if he taught the adults how to play Minecraft, he tricks them by playing dumb. However, Eric Cartman catches on to the lie before they leave and they enter his house. They soon discover Corey's basement, filled with adults, and tell him that they were using Minecraft to block the adults from "watching spousal homicide shows". Corey tells them that to stop "Murder Porn", they have to talk to the cable company.


Corey acts like English actor Michael Caine whenever he's teaching the adults Minecraft. He reverts back to his normal American accent when manipulating children and adults when confronted about his scheme. In the end, Corey talks in his normal accent after being exposed by the boys.


Corey has dirty blond hair in separated locks, as well as prominent ears and pink freckles on his face. He wears an orange T-shirt and gray pants. He walks around with a pink lollipop in his hand or sometimes a cigarette.

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