Cop Drama is a fictional television show. It was mentioned in the Season Five episode, "It Hits the Fan".


The townsfolk are anticipating HBC Network's use of the word "shit" in Cop Drama and meet at Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails to watch the event. While the adults are away, the boys watch it at Cartman's home. Kyle, however, does not give in to the hype surrounding the use of the offending word. He watches the show instead of seeing the Broadway musical The Lion King because none of the others wanted to go with him.

Dialog from Cop Drama

Cop, Mitchell: Listen, Mitchell, I put my life on the line every day. How dare you accuse me!
Cop, Mitchell: I'm doing my job, Frank! We have to know where that evidence was shipped!
Cop, Frank: I told you, we don't have a record of that. And besides, -(Cut off)
Cop, Mitchell: Maybe... maybe protect them from you?
Cop, Frank: Maybe you're forgetting who you're talking to!
Cop, Mitchell: Then maybe you're forgetting how I used to be a cop, too!
Cop, Frank: Yeah? You used to be a lot of things.
Cop, Mitchell: That's it, I've had enough of this.
Cop, Frank: Don't you turn your back on me, you!
Cop, Mitchell: I said, enough!
Cop, Frank: Will it... ever be enough?
Announcer: Cop Drama will return after these messages.
Cop, Mitchell: Just understand that it's my job. I still think you're a good cop.
Cop, Frank: Well, Mitchell. I guess you're goin'ta do what you're gonna do. Let's just try and stay friends no matter what.
Cop, Mitchell: You're right. Maybe I'll ss-see you around.
Cop, Frank: Goodbye. Oh, and Mitchell? (voice lowers to a whisper) You... got some shit on the side of your mouth right there.
Cop, Mitchell: Oh, yeah, that ol' thing, yeah.

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