Coors Field is a real-life baseball park located in Denver, Colorado. It made its first appearance in the Season Six episode "Professor Chaos".


In "Professor Chaos", The Boys take Pip to Coors Field to watch a game to see if he would make a good replacement for Kenny. However, they end up telling him to leave after he tries to order tea and crumpets from the vendor. Immediately afterwards, Butters Stotch, as Professor Chaos, shows up on the Jumbotron and tells everyone his plan to flood the world. As General Disarray starts doing so with a garden hose, the spectators start removing their clothes as the last thing to do before they "die".

Coors Field also appears in "The Losing Edge" as the location of the Colorado Little League State Championship baseball game as well as where Randy Marsh fights one of the Denver fathers named Tom Nelson, who goes under the name "Bat Dad". At the end of the episode, Randy ends up getting the South Park Little League Team disqualified, who are extremely happy due to their hatred of playing baseball.

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